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SEO 2021 Trends You Need to Know

First let’s have a basic knowledge on what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s used for ranking high on search engines in unpaid section, it’s also known as the organic listings.

In 2021, We must concentrate on user and user search purpose. It’s a new trend, every year we have to refocus on searcher purpose and behavior changes all the time. Now day’s user uses Google for content, it should be us to provide them. Google fetches highlighted keywords on all pages which relate to customer search which is used to find your content. We have to concentrate on customer analysis, how we can retain customers and lifetime values.

SEO is used to generate traffic. SEO has evolved into much more. In 2021 we have to work hard to get traffic because of competition. We have to have data on customer behavioral analysis. Understanding the customer and giving them with your best content is crucial or you might lose them to your competitors. Google Search Console keyword data helps in giving data on user search. Create FAQ to answer your customers effectively.

Tracking brand SERPS (Search engine ranking pages) and knowledge panel will become standard. Google understand ‘who you are’ for creating and improving their presence in knowledge graphs. In 2021, we may start to use personalized knowledge graphs.  It is important to know user knowledge panel to target users according to their likes.

In 2021, Google will introduce Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor, page experience metrics can’t be ignored. Websites and business has to prioritize for them to make sure they don’t fall behind their competitors. We have to involve user centric approach with our optimization efforts which focus on quickly and smooth pages load, How soon pages become responsive to user interactions, How easy website is to utilize and navigate on mobile devices, The security and safety of a website’s connection as users are browse through it. We need to ensure that Google can access your content on your website and ensure your website has a better user interface than your competitors.


SEO Trends 2021 - Justdigitiz


Now days people use mobile phones a lot than other devices, we need to ensure them with your content and website should also perform well on mobile phones. So if you have been focusing mobile-first, 2021 is the year to shift your focus to improving that experience for your users. Google will actually be ignoring your desktop website and your mobile website will determine your ranking. We have to closely review our pages and make sure they are intuitive for your users, are easy to navigate, and you aren’t hiding valuable content and images on mobile devices. Basic knowledge and skill is still important but we also have to be ready for changes.

Be ready to work hard than ever before to assess, execute and adapt. It will be important to change to strategic SEO to be first in the minds of customers. We have to understand the market which consumer operates first rather than focusing on just consumer behavior. Understand what is happening in the market, where demand shifted before, where is it going to change in present. It is very important to have knowledge on how psychological, sociological and economic factors impact on customer preference or demands and then we have to understand on customer behavior.

Many SEO tasks are been automated in 2020 (structured data generation, quality content, etc.) they will be many possibilities for 2021 you will be mind-blown. AI – generate content to increase enormously. Its creates a big challenge for search engines to omit spam from inbox. For a couple of years many expert SEO practitioners use automation to eliminate site changes. Automation has been very useful for SEO practitioners.

Fraggles is using things to assist Google identify and rank passages will be SEO trend in 2021. Fraggles or passages are important as they enhance Google ability to discover information that the users are looking for. Schema structure and strong pages assist with Fraggle or passage optimization.

Continuously publishing long form content will be helpful to outrank your competitors which appeals to Google’s E-A-T regulation and emotions. In 2020 blogs where over 2000 words wins blogs with 1000 words or less. Long form content will continue in 2021 as well.

2021 is the year to build scalability into your SEO, if we want to outreach our competitors.  Mark Traphagen, Vice President of Product Marketing and Training in SEO Clarity. Traphagen shared three tips which are – List all the tasks, processes, and workflows you do on a regular basis. Decide which can be automated or better when handled by tool. Set up alert system that monitors changes like ranking, keywords etc. Set up SoPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for any regular tasks which you can’t automate.

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