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In 2021, Instagram marketing, two things that all marketers should utilize – SEO and Reels. It was made public that Instagram will be more search friendly.  This will be a transition for marketers and we should expect more reach on post. We have to use relevant keyword for audience to find your post easily. Stick to your category. Instagram also introduced Reels for posting 15-30 seconds video and add texts to grab attention of your audience. Instagram has a new update, which puts IG Reels in center and front, It may hint marketers that IG Reels will stay in 2021.

The trend is clearly moving towards video—especially short-form video came out in 2016. Reach and Engagement for feed posts has decreased as Instagram moved attention of users to Stories that disappear in 24-hour. For instagram reels the view is 10 times the number of views we expect on stories or feed. Reels don’t have to be intimidating. Its simple as talking to your camera, it’s just like stories. On Reels we can add photos, screenshots, or videos it will be helpful for small business

As we become accustomed to the “new normal,” business needs to make sure to increase sales coming in. in 2021, for any type of conversation or learning we use Instagram live, Zoom calls etc. Shift toward contactless shopping will permit eCommerce to develop even more in 2021. We can buy products through social media. All brands must focus on retargeting ads, user experience.

Smart marketing in 2021 is being transparent, authentic and vulnerable. A brand have to say “what they stand for” and “who they are” to their audience. We should get more faces out there, create videos and talk about what really matters to your audience.

2021 is two-fold. Online marketplace carry on to become further saturated and Facebook advertising costs increase, returning to the basic aspects of running an ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook will be critical to success. Review the records of your past customers. Build your image and a Facebook advertising strategy reflects your true audience data. Then you can develop innovative ad campaigns that play on creative Facebook’s preferences.

Normally, Facebook advertisers experience an extreme depletion on advertising costs which is CPM. There is a sweet spot in middle of the decrease in market competition and the decrease in consumer spending. Some B2B sellers introduce huge discounts to acquire businesses to make end-of-year big-ticket purchases to decrease their tax liability. That may change because 2020 or 2021 is complex by a global pandemic with unusual economic impact. If there is something that 2020 has educated us, it is to be ready for unpredictable changes and pivots as success is for the nimble.


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Facebook ad creative trends advertisers will experiment with and see success in 2021: GIFs: 3–15 seconds video – GIFs have proven themselves to be a staple among intermediate and advanced advertisers, and they’re incredibly easy to produce. User-generated content (UGC): Sometimes your most creative. Content comes straight from your audience and clients. UGC content can vary from snappy Reels-style and testimonials to fun edits of how to utilize your service or product. Collages: Collages are coming back now. They are eye-catching and make audience to stop scrolling and to check it out. More text-heavy ads: Now that Facebook has removed the 20% rule from its platform (though this is an unspoken rule removal; there’s been nothing official from Facebook itself), Advertisers play with bolder, larger text ads. In 2021, we predict that Ads that play to that feeling will have the best chance of success.

Online business is blowing up and YouTube is not an exception. In the middle of this growth, difference will be answer to reaching your ideal customer and stand out. Concentrating on what makes you unique and applying it into your channel from beginning will make it simple to build loyalty and attract upcoming target audience on YouTube.

2020 was a massive year for LinkedIn. It rolled out Events, LinkedIn Live, Stories and Polls. In the upcoming year, marketers require to have knowledge not only on these content formats and new features as well as the shift in culture which is created by the increase in work from home. On LinkedIn page businesses, 2021 will be a change for medium and small sized businesses (SMBs) who are highly focused on bringing up their LinkedIn pages. If you are willing to be successful on LinkedIn in the year 2021, be ready to acquire transparency to your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn is presently plagued by pile of outreach spam, which is makes audience more skeptical and hesitant about connecting and easier to get offended by sales pitching. Outreach spam destroys reputations and relationships but actual relationships build them. The sophisticated social media marketer puts more effort into building long term relationship on LinkedIn that are not recognized as transactional.

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