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Election Campaign services by Just Digitiz, have contributed towards creating a huge profile of the candidate in electronic media and on social media platforms.

Why Election Campaign Matters?

Election campaign is an effort which tries to impact decision making progress in a specific group. This may assist the political parties in succeeding the elections. If political parties lose, the applicant who campaigns for election may get prepared for political party’s establishment. To put through an election campaigns, various strategies and techniques are being used to bring out the party’s motto as the message to voters.

political Campaign services - Just Digitiz

Why Election campaign is important?

  • It’s a time period where open and free discussion takes place between various political parties.
  • Applicant can contact their political leaders and voters to give a speech on election meetings.
  • Television and newspapers news are full of election associated stories and debates to influence the voters.
  • This is also the period when individuals or voters come to understand about policies and programs of different political parties.

Digital Marketing team for Election Campaign

  • Digital marketing team assists individual applicant or parties who are running for office to connect with voters. The committed team is needed to give ground support and have knowledge on the target audience.
  • The team assists to provide online presence for political party or individual applicant on various popular social media platforms which include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • The digital marketing team includes political content writers, social media managers, content creators, graphic designers, social media managers and search engine marketers.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing strategist is a crucial person in the marketing team for election campaign. The Digital marketing strategist determines what client needs with the help of the campaign. An successful strategy can help provide results in form or rising visibility or to generate leads. Various tools include targeted marketing, SEO, social media, etc. are utilized by the strategist to provide the (ROI) return on investment.

Create Social Media Pages on various Platforms

  • Social media pages gives excellent results for politicians who desire to have an existence on the internet. Social media pages need to be created on various platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest.
  • Facebook pages allow to target the audience. Facebook Ads also can be run on those pages.
  • Twitter is well known platform that also lets you run Twitter ads.
  • YouTube Channel is the greatest place to upload video contents and reach the target audience. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the globe, and videos can become viral and engage large number of viewers.
  • Instagram is a tool that has millions of users a month and is the ideal platform to target young voters.
  • There are further more platforms which include Pinterest, and these can be selected based on target audience and the objective of the campaign.

Election campaign services – Just Digitiz

    • Social Media Promotions
      • Random Videos and management of pages till the elections.
      • Facebook (FB)
      • Vote appealing Videos
      • Twitter Page creation
      • Designing
    • Bulk WhatsApp messages
    • Bulk SMS
    • Bulk Voice Calls
    • LIVE Call Centre Facilities for Vote requests.
    • Data Management
    • Nukkad Natak teams – [National School of Drama teams]
    • Chatbox Technology – [New Age Voter Attraction App]

Political Campaigns are increasingly shifting their focus on digital media platforms. According to the Google Transparency Report 2020,

We have a team of strategists, campaign managers, booth level teams & social media teams who will unleash the power of big data & technology and help you in managing election campaigns and reaching your goals. Our process involves Political research, Digital media & campaign strategy, Polls & surveys, Opinion polls & exit polls, viral marketing, Traditional campaign speeches and media advertising, execution & reporting.

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