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7 Ideas for your Business During Lock down

Quarantine is for you not for your Business

1.Revamp your Website

Quarantine is the best time to update your website that you have been planning for a long time.

2. Run a Google Ad campaign

people spend more time  online during quarantine period. A feasible way to grasp your potential customers.

3.Run a social Media Campaign

People spend double the time on Social Media during Lockdown. An easy way to reach your audience.

4.Invest in SEO

Start SEO now. Rank better & Get Organic Reach when things settle after lockdown.

5.Reassess Your Social Media Marketing

Analyze & Get stats on Social Media Performance. Rework on the areas of improvement.

6.Create Quality content.

Devise Content Marketing Strategy, Update blog with valuable content as a checklist/pdf/eBook/video.

7.Tell Your Brand Story.

Tell the struggle & success story behind your brand. Its time to inspire.

Make most of the quarantine to grow your business.

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